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About Us

At ME Chocolate we pride ourselves on offering you the highest quality chocolates.

Merchant Europe is well known in the trade for supplying high quality fine chocolate to UK retailers, so it was a logical step for us to develop our own range of chocolate bars under the name of ME Chocolate. 

Keith Lowe, the chocolatier behind the company, is a member of the Academy of Chocolate and a judge in their prestigious annual awards. He has a passion for great chocolate and creating interesting and imaginative flavour combinations, taking inspiration from some of the best chocolate makers in the world.

Keith says “ME Chocolate is all about exploring the incredible range of flavours that are present in the cocoa bean. There are so many factors that combine and influence the final taste of chocolate and I wanted to be free to explore all the possibilities. Chocolate made from beans from Madagascar taste very different to chocolate made from beans from Ecuador and so the opportunity to pair them with other ingredients also changes. It’s this relationship that excites me”.

Fermented Cocoa Beans

We source the best ingredients for our creations and let the chocolate do the talking. Each one of our chocolate bars is hand-made in our Warwick chocolate workshop. We believe that it is this attention to detail that sets our chocolate apart.

We hope you enjoy our chocolates as much as we do.